Check the price tag Before grabbing a bottle of ketchup for your barbecue ! Check the price tag !

Hot dog buns, hamburger buns,  relish, mustard, burgers, hot dogs and ketchup cost nearly 9% more this year than last.

In the week of May 16th 2022 , 32-ounce bottle of ketchup was $4.08 but  in the week of May 15th 2023 it is on an average  to $5.22,a jump of nearly 28%.

US stores, there is changes in grocery prices at over 150,000 for its Grocery Price Index.

Other condiments are also pricey. A bottle of 20-ounce  mustard rose is 13% in that time period, and 26-ounce jars  and  bottles of relish jumped about 12%.

Food inflation has been consistently outpacing inflation. Retailers are strategic about pricing ahead of holidays.

Discounts are offered on certain items, like hot dogs,hamburger buns, while leaving others, like ketchup, at full price.

Retailers and  Manufacturers have kept up with a lot of the consumer trends and demands.

 Kraft Heinz (KHC) introduced  “ elevated sauces and spreads ” also adds infused honeys.

Many inventions are coming up ,the company recently unveiled a prototype of a machine that will let people mix their own ketchup flavors.

Those contrive may lead to new products on shelves.