The OceanGate submarine  imploded with 5 People- Titan.

This deadly experience trap costs the modest amount of $250,000 PER PERSON.

There were 5 world's richest people on board the submarine, including its creator, Stockton Rush.

The objective of this journey is to slip into a depth of 3,800 meters to admire the rusty remains of the famous Titanic structure of 1912.

OceanGate submarine is the only submarine in the world which can reach depth of 3,800vmeters.

On Sunday, when all the Five people started their  journey, after 1 hour and 45 minutes all communication was lost.

 Till Wednesday, they haven't heard or any communication from them despite, the rescue operation already started immediately  after losing contact with Stockton Rush.

The submarine was controlled with a Logitech gaming controller similar to a PlayStation .

There was no regulatory authority to verify and approve the safety of the OceanGate submarine..

Paid $250,000 to see through the submarine's screen a ship that sank in 1912 ,could have watch a documentary on YouTube and you'll see exactly the same thing.

At this moment if they are still alive, must be in darkness, with very less oxygen, surrounded by foul smells,breathing problems, experiencing muscle pain. In short, they must be living a torture.