The best revenge  to be unlike him who performed the injustice

This quote by Marcus Aurelius encourages a response to injustice that is characterized by moral integrity and virtuous behavior.  

Instead of seeking revenge through harmful or negative actions, the quote suggests that the most powerful form of revenge is to act in a way that is 

fundamentally different from the person who committed the injustice. 

Picture a Scenario: Sarah and Emily are good friends, but there's an incident where Sarah feels betrayed by Emily.  

Instead of seeking revenge, Sarah decides to embody the wisdom of Marcus Aurelius. 

Positive Actions: Sarah responds by continuing to be a supportive and caring friend. She doesn't gossip or spread negativity about Emily. 

Maintaining Integrity: Instead of stooping to the level of betraying trust, Sarah remains loyal and true to her principles. 

Seeking Resolution: Sarah chooses to have an open and honest conversation with Emily about how she feels, rather than harboring resentment. 

Professionalism: In social circles where both Sarah and Emily are present, Sarah remains friendly and composed. 

Personal Growth: Sarah learns from the situation, focuses on personal growth, and strives to be a better friend in the future. 

In this example, the "revenge" that Sarah takes is not in retaliating against Emily but in choosing to be a better person 

maintaining her integrity, seeking resolution through communication, and using the experience for personal growth.