Tina Turner dies at the age 83 - Queen of "rock 'n' roll".

Tina Turner born on  26th November 1939 in American and naturalized Singer, Dancer, Song-Writer,  Author,and Actress.

Tina Turner was born in  American become top recording artist of all time , died peacefully on Wednesday 24th 2023 at 83 at her home in Küsnacht Switzerland .

 Tina Tuna, the only woman to win in the rock, pop, and R&B categories, a signal of her  Creativity, Versatility and Broad Appeal also won 12 Grammy Awards.

 Tina Turner suffered abuses from her former husband during their marital and musical partnership in the 1960's and 1970's.,finally Divorced and married Bach, become a citizen of Switzerland.

The superstar's iconic hits –  “ Proud Mary ” , “ The Best ” , “ What’s Love Got to Do with It ” – continued to be Treasure and Sung at full Volume.

 she built a career for the ages and legacy that was entirely hers."Private Dancer"  become Turner's biggest album.

Turner sang in church choir as child later became successful recording artists of all time.

" Once in a generation talent " and  " personal strength was remarkable " says Joe Biden - U.S. President.

Tina Turner transformed herself into an international sensation - an elegant powerhouse.Turner began her career in the 1950s and evolved into an MTV phenomenon.