‘Audi Chaiwala’, Mumbai man sells tea on Audi on his Rs 45 lakh car.

A man in Mumbai selling tea from his posh Audi car has gone viral on the social media platform .

All have heard about MBA - Chaiwala and Graduate - Chaiwali but now ‘Audi Chaiwala’ to get fame from selling tea.

 Amit Kashyap and Mannu Sharma are the masterminds behind this tea-selling idea.

Tea stall is set up with tea stand as using the White Audi car's dickey  in  Lokhandwala backroad,Mumbai.

A vessel filled with brewing  fresh tea , and customers are swarming the stall on wheels to get a cup.

Indians are taking their love for chai (tea) to new heights. 

They can't imagine a day without a morning or evening cup of tea at home or stop.

The video was posted by an Instagram and has gained more than 32,000 likes since shared.

Instagrammers have filled the comment segment with their responses to this thought.