Man Uses ChatGPT To lose 11Kgs in 3 month

Fitness plan and Diet Generated by ChatGPT,a man named Greg Mushen lost 11 Kgs in 3months with help of AI tool.

The power and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) has amazed everyone in the World.

Greg Mushen, used ChatGPT AI tools to build a fitness and diet plan for himself. The plan gradually accelerated and yielded results, leading Mushen to lose weight.

Greg Mushen, asked ChatGPT to help him devise a running plan. At first, the chatbot simply asked him to place his running shoes

by the front door, slowly and steadily, he started running for a couple of minutes without getting tired and thus was able to build a habit through consistency.

The AI-bot also suggested Mushen with 'valuable insights' into nutrition with balanced meals, portion control and healthier food choices

Mushen also got personalised advice and virtual coaching.