Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!

8 Life lessons we can learn from our Dads! 

"Learn everything you can about what you love, and no one can take that from you." – Clifford Whitney

Make your decision, but don't tighten the screws until you're sure everything is aligned and in the right place. – Pam Goodman

" The only thing we can't fix is death. For everything else, there is always a way". - Krissia Keck

"Never be afraid to do something you want to do unless it is unsafe, immoral, or will hurt someone else." – Frannie Doonan

"If you aren't sure of how warm to dress, wear extra clothes. You can always take them off, but if you don't have them, you can't put them on." – Brian Klawun

 " If you wonder whether or not to do something but there's no actual downside, just do it" . – Elizabeth Broderick

" You can't control most things in life. You can't control the weather, or traffic, or even other people. But you can always control your attitude." – Gordon Granger

 " Try to make new friends. And accept all invitations. You never know what might develop when you open yourself up to new people and experiences." – Emily Walls Ray