YouTuber and Author - Hank Green reveals cancer diagnosis.

Hank Green ! YouTuber, Science communicator and author,  announced in a video that he is been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma -  blood cancer.

The 43-year Hank Green, told the story of his diagnosis,that began to notice lymph nodes  swollen and doctor suggested ultrasound, the tests was positive for Blood Cancer.

The type of  lymphoma Hank Green got is very treatable,  and it seems likely it was caught early.

Hodgkin's lymphoma (Blood Cancer) , white blood cells grow out of control, swollen lymph nodes and grows throughout the body.

Hank Green had two requests for his audience. First, to not give him any health care advices.  And second,to give him suggestions for video games, TV and movies .

Since 2007,  Green is active on YouTube and a very busy creator, currently hosts multiple podcasts and  TikTok.

Hank Green says  'This is the best time, so far in human history, to get lymphoma, a blood cancer'

Hank will no longer be able to attend VidCon Anaheim 2023 next month.