Tamil Nadu Government Bus Driver Gets emotional when he retires after 30 years and hugs bus.

It is an  emotional experience while leaving a Job or getting retired .

Muthupandi works as Bus driver for 30 years gets retirement which made him feel Emotional and was in tears hugging the Bus.

The driver, Muthupandi, had been working as a Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) as driver since three decades

In a recorded incident captured by the bus conductor, Muthupandi is seen stepping out of the bus for the last time. He embraces the bus, visibly moved and teary-eyed

Speaking to Muthupandi expresses his deep respect for his job, acknowledging that it provided him with social status and respect when he started thirty years ago.

He even reveals that he got married only after securing the driver’s job.

It is evident that Muthupandi had spent a significant amount of time with the bus .

 The video of the driver’s emotional farewell has gone viral on various social media platforms.

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