Google’s Gemini to launch this fall

Google’s Gemini to launch this fall

Google’s Gemini launch aims to surpass existing AI models like ChatGPT,an innovative AI creation.

Gemini operates under the new vision of tackling several data and tasks without relying on specialized models.

The ChatGPT dominance may not last forever, as new and powerful AI models are emerging every month like Google’s Gemini

The next-generation artificial intelligence new model Gemini Project will be launced as soona s Possible

The Google company for Gemini to drive its current AI chatbot Bard and  venture apps such as Google Docs and Slides.

What makes Gemini an impressive is the amount of resources Google has ,especially data that can be used to train AI models.

Google has access to YouTube videos, Google books, a huge search index, and scholarly material from Google Scholar.

Gemini is also said to be the first multi-modal model that can handle video , text and images, unlike GPT-4.