Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s sold his India Home.

The ancestral house in Chennai (India) was sold to Tamil movie actor and producer C Manikandan.

This was the Chennai home where Google CEO  Sundar Pichai  lived and grew up till the age of 20.

The house was located in Chennai's Ashok Vihar - India.

Sundar Pichai's father, RS Pichai, became overwhelmed with emotion while handing over the property.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai grew up in the southern part Chennai of Tamil Nadu.

Pichai left the chennai to pursue career in Metallurgical Engineering  at IIT Kharagpur in 1989.

Pichai was offered a scholarship at Stanford after graduation

Sundar's neighbours recollected their memories that Pichai lived in Chennai house until the age of 20

Sundar Pichai took selfies with his family members on the balcony in the house he grew up in India(Chennai).