Elon Musk rewrite code of engineers at Zip2

Twitter, now called X, owner Elon Musk is known to be somewhat eccentric when it comes to leadership.

He would sleep for a few hours and then get back to work. He had also said back then that he works for about 80 hours per week and that is 'pretty manageable'.

Musk's tendency to sleep little and work more has been talked about in his biography by Walter Isaacson.

During a SpaceX executive session, years after Zip2's launch, Musk had said, "It is not your job to make people on your team love you."

In the book, Isaacson also reveals that Musk didn't really want to be a CEO but wanted to focus on building products instead.

The book also talks about how Kimbal and Musk would often get into physical fights while working together at Zip2.