Elon Musk CEO of Twitter set new Limitations.

Elon Musk CEO of Twitter set new Limitations on daily tweets, a user can read on social media.

After announcing limitations, the twitter user witnessed several issues while operating their Twitter accounts.

On Saturday in a Tweet Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the verified Twitter account will be limited to read-only 6,000 posts per Day.

Whereas unverified Twitter account users will be able to see 600 posts per day with significant drop.

New verified Twitter user who will be able to see  only 300 posts per day, things  became very worse for New users.

Elon Musk clarified that these limitations are temporary and implemented to address the issues related to Data scrapping and Data manipulation.

However this issue also occurred in February 2023, user were unable to post on site for over 90 minutes with the Error.

also in March 2023, users faced issues while opening links or loading images on their twitter plateform.