No Need to buy new iphone every years ,IOS 17 update will make it New.

Updating your existing iphone with IOS 17 will make your handset to New iphone

Sadly, Many really old iphone models wll not get the iOS 17 Update.

iPhone 7 or any 1st generation iPhone SE, or any earlier device won't be able to download  iOS 17.

iPhone 11,iPhone 12 ,iPhone 13,iPhone14 will be compatible with the iOS 17, update as per Mac World report.

As per tipser on MacRumors Forums iPhone 8,iPhone 8Plus,iPhone X may not support iOS 17.

All Phones that support iOS 16 will get iOS 17.

This means iPhone 8,iPhone 8Plus,iPhone X,iPhone XS,XS Max and XR are also on the list of those iPhones which will get the iOS 17.

Due to their old chipset and technology limitations,the older iPhones may not be able to use wide range of new features.

Some of the features of iOS17 are iPhone into Smart Homelock Screen, Journaling app,Active widgets,Apple Music,Sharp Play update,Better Search and Spotlight.