Coffee Consumption

3.1 cups of coffee per day, an average American consumes

 66% of Americans drink coffee every day, more than tap water.

 In United States , at home coffee drinkers use a drip machine to make coffee and Ranked 25th .

In United States, 517 million cups of coffee are consumed per da and 65% enjoy coffee with their breakfast.

In United States, 35% of coffee drinkers prefer Black coffee.

Lattes and Cappuccinos are the most popular coffee beverage and 33% of espresso drinks consume by United States.

 The top coffee chain in America is Starbucks and shops are flourishing with annual growth rate of 7% .

 Dunkin Donuts holds 2nd place and  leading, world's coffee consumption per person at 4 cups daily is Finland.

Each year 110 – 120 million bags of coffee are produced worldwide .

The world's 40% coffee production is Brazil and leader in .all productions. Vietnam stands second. There are, an Average of 52 Starbucks in Monaco per one million people